Act 3 Scene 3

Location: Friar Lawrence’s cell
Time: Monday Night
Characters: Friar Lawrence, Romeo, and the Nurse
Events: Romeo is hiding out in Friar Lawrence’s cell. Friar Lawrence tries to get Romeo to see the good in banishment because otherwise, he would be executed but Romeo is focused on never being able to see Juliet again. Someone knocks at the door and Friar is frightened that it is the Prince’s men and tells Romeo to hide but Romeo refuses.fortunately, it was just the Nurse. Romeo wants to stab himself because of the guilt he has for Juliet. Friar makes a plan that Romeo can go and spend his last night with Juliet before he leaves Verona and promises that later he will figure out a way to get Romeo granted back in Verona and that he can make his marriage with Juliet public knowledge. Romeo agrees on the plan and runs off to see Juliet.
Quote: “Tis torture, and not mercy. Heaven is here where Juliet lives.”- Romeo

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