Act 3 Scene 5

Act 3 Scene 5
Time: Tuesday Early morning
Location: Capulets house
Characters: Juliet, Romeo, Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet
Events: Romeo awakes after the first night with Juliet, Romeo has to leave and they both find it hard to say goodbye but Romeo has to go because he can’t be seen in Verona let alone Juliets room. Lady Capulet comes storming into the room and speaks of Romeo as a villain, a villain that killed Tybalt. She announces her big news of Juliet’s marriage with Paris, Juliet hates the idea because shes deeply in love with Romeo. Capulet has big plans for the wedding and so pleased of his daughters soon to be husband. Juliets disagrees with the marriage making Capulet very angry and threatens her that if she does not marry Paris she will be thrown onto the street. Juliet turns to her mother for help Juliet begs her mother to just delay the wedding but lady Capulets does not agree. She cant marry Paris because she is already married to Romeo and it would be a sin against God as well as betraying Romeo. The Nurse believes that Juliet should marry Paris Juliet is annoyed that even the Nurse isn’t on her side. Juliet has one option left and that is to go and see Friar Lawrence and if he can’t help then she has no other choice but to commit suicide.

Quote:”if all else fail, myself have power to die.”- Juliet

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