Act 4 Scene 1

Act 4 scene 1
Location: Frair Lawrence cell
Time: Tuesday morning
Characters: Pairs Friar Lawrence, Juliet
Events: Paris passes by Friar Lawrence church to discuss with him about wedding arrangements. Friar starts to worry because he knows about Romeo. Juliet comes to see Frair but runs into Paris while she’s there.Paris talks to Juliet as his wife, Juliet is not pleased my this and try’s to hint that she doesn’t want Paris. Paris leaves, leaving Frair and Juliet to talk. Juliet says that she will kill herself instead of marrying Paris. Friar comes up with a plan that does not involve this, He says theres a potion that can put you asleep for 48hrs but it makes you look like your dead. Id they think Juliets dead then they will take her to the Capulet’s tomb, if everyone thinks Juliet is dead the . she wont have to marry Romeo and while she’s in the tomb Romeo comes and picks her up and takes her to Mantua. Juliet agrees on this decision because its the only way she can get out of the marriage.

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