Future dystopia:

Around me stood thirty odd kids who were looking just as terrified as me the tension around me keep getting stronger but I knew I couldn’t let it get to me, I am here to survive not to win I try to keep telling myself. The motto plastered all over the supply station quoting “Each kill is worth money” catches my attention and sends shivers down my spine. I can’t help but regret my decision and wonder if all my training is worth nothing. A thourght hits me what if this is a  strategical game I hear a loud ear aching buzz and everyone starts running “crap” I shout it has begun

My shaky ankles lead the way and I start sprinting towards the supply station but realise that I will have no luck trying to secure myself some sort of weapon by now. Every part of me wants to see if anything is left but I don’t I turn around and run. I run so far and fast that when I turn around I can only see vague dots in the distance that reassures me I am further enough away and safe in the meantime. I throw my bag off my shoulder and it hits the ground with a large thump. I open it up and to my surprise, I find a large waterproof sheet and a first aid kit “must have got lucky” I mumble to myself. I roll the sheet back up and stuff it vigorously back in the pack I swing it over my shoulder. I glance down at my compass plastered over my wrist north is ahead that’s where I would want to be heading before sundown.

I stumble across a cave under the gushing waterfall and base myself there for the night.

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