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How does conflict reveal the message of the play:

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story about, two lovers who are bought together  by fate and conflict. William Shakespeare conveys the idea of conflict to reveal the message of the play, where two families have an ancient dispute that ends in a tragedy. He uses the prologue to reveal whats going to happen in the play but lets the reader see for themselves, for example he uses the quote “from ancient grudge breaks new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean” meaning that an ancient grudge has caused people of the community to try keep the peace but ended up with unclean hands both literally (with bloodstains), in that the community of Verona has been disrupt. Shakespeare uses conflict to show how the message of the play by referring to fate, to show that characters are not always what they seem and by showing opposites. 

Paragraph 1:  Fate: “a pair of star crossed lovers take their life”

Paragraph 2:  “

Paragraph 3:

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