Rewriting Act 3 Scene 4:

Capulet:  Things have made a turn for the worse since Tybalt’salts death Juliet is very sad. I insure that if she were here she would come down and see you.

Paris: Don’t worry Capulet these times of death are hard and not the right time for Romance, give my regards to Juliet.

Lady Capulet: I will thank you Paris and I will talk to her about your marriage tomorrow morning but I don’t think tonight is the night to talk to her.

Capulet: Yes! I am desperate for Juliet to get married and I believe that she will marry whoever I will ask. Wife, go check up on her and tell her this delightful news! wait what day is it today?

Paris: Monday Sir, why do you ask?

Capulet: Monday! Well, Wednesday is too soon. Let it be on Thursday. On Thursday, tell her, she’ll be married to this noble Earl. Will you be ready? Do you think it’s a good idea to rush? We shouldn’t have too big a celebration we will only invite a friend or two. What do you think about Thursday?

Paris: Capulet! I wish tomorrow was already Thursday!

Capulet: Well go on home. Thursday it is, then. visit Juliet before you go to bed. Get her ready, for this wedding day. Farewell, my lord. Now I’m off to bed. Oh, my! It’s so late that we might as well call it early. Good night.




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